We look at some of the inclusions every offroad caravan should have, and why customisation is so important.

Often when out exploring the wonders of Australia in your caravan, you find that some little change or an added extra would have made all the difference in getting grip or avoiding getting bogged offroad. When starting your plans to upgrade to your next caravan, it pays to think about your travel style — whether it be extreme offroad, offroad, semi-offroad, one that needs to accommodate the family, and what extra inclusions you could add that will make travelling to the locations you want to visit into reach.

We all know how frustrating it can be when stones and loose gravel come flying up from under the tyres and damage the underbelly, chip the body of the van, or the windows. All the money and hard work done to maintain your van — gone! Not to mention its potential resale value. That’s why good stone guards are paramount for most caravans, including every offroad van. Generally made from a heavy-duty mesh tilted on an angle so that it deflects stones away from the van, most will also have mud flaps to protect the plumbing and chassis underneath.

Another of our must-haves is high-quality suspension. The original suspension is often designed to be applicable to a range of uses so it suits every owner, so upgrading your suspension to be tailored to exactly how you and your family travel — especially if you know you carry heavier loads on your trips — should be considered. The right choice will markedly increase comfort and control.

Must-Haves For Every Offroad Caravan

Some of the best regions, landmarks, and sights to see in Australia are only reachable via offroad tracks, so consider switching over to offroad tyres. As your caravan tyres are the only thing that directly connect your caravan to the road, the tyres they ride on are extremely important. Again, consider your travel style, where you will be travelling, and know that tyres are the biggest single item to improve offroad ability. They can make all the difference in maintaining grip and avoiding getting bogged when adventuring through rougher terrain.

Those of us who have travelled the outback know the trouble that dust can present. There are a variety of options out there for dust-proofing your van, and the best option is to choose a manufacturer that understands this problem and builds their van accordingly. By taking measures including eliminating fridge vents, fitting an internal fan system along with a travel cover for the entry door gas vent, as well as making sure all entry points have been sealed correctly at the manufacturing stage, dust should not be too much of an issue.

Caravan manufacturers sometimes don’t offer enhanced customisation options as standard, but this is not the case at Spinifex. All our caravans are Australian made and fully customisable to your ideas and needs in terms of design and layout. As experienced caravanners yourselves, you know exactly what you’re after. With our research on new products to add to our list of optional extras, many of which come from our customers themselves, if you’re looking to upgrade, your next hardcore offroad caravan can be everything you dreamed of.

Next Steps

Get in touch with us to see how you can plan your caravan layout with our design manager, or check out some of our customer testimonials at spinifexcaravans.com.au/testimonials.

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