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The Spinifex Range

When you’re on the road, you want to be towing a caravan that doesn’t let you down. That is why our mission is to deliver the best off-road caravans in Australia, and we do not scrimp on the quality of our inclusions.

We have 3 fantastic base models for you to choose from with unlimited floorplans, layouts and a range of capabilities to suit any terrain – the NomadiX, the ElectreX and the Xscape. We have a van to suit your needs and fulfil your dreams.



A full custom off-road experience with ample off-grid capabilities – this is what you get with a NomadiX. Robust chassis made in Australia to take you anywhere in luxury and comfort.

  ATM up to 4,500kg

  Extreme off-road / All-terrain

  Family vans available

  Design your own layout


ElectreX Premier

The ElectreX Premier is our fully electric van with no gas equipment fitted. Comes with diesel hot water and air heating, convection and induction cooking appliances with a massive 14.3kW of battery power. Everything to take you anywhere in luxury and comfort.

  ATM up to 4,500kg

  Extreme off-road / All-terrain

  Family vans available

  Design your own layout



Having a lower towing capacity is not a problem anymore. The Xscape is our all-new lightweight country-road caravan. Available in three sizes and layout options.

  ATM up to 3,500kg

  Country-road / Semi off-road


Why Spinifex Caravans?

Imagine being in the middle of the bush without a soul in sight and having all the luxuries from home at your fingertips? You can have this and more with Spinifex — the most trusted caravan manufacturer in Australia. Check out what makes a Spinifex caravan so unique. Be careful; you’ll fall in love…

We are proudly Australian made and owned. Our factory is based in Queensland, and we always try to use high-quality Australian material where possible to build the best caravans.

We use the latest technology on our caravans. That is why our entire standard range comes with lithium batteries, air-conditioners, washing machines and all the comforts you need.

This is how much we trust our craftsmanship. At Spinifex Caravans, we only use the best materials and products, and we do not believe in scrimping on quality on your dream van.


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We are very impressed with the quality of the accessories and fittings throughout. The high standard of the van’s build is clearly evident both internally and externally and the finishes are of a premium class.

Leanne and Andrew S.

May, 2021

This is our 6th van and if we had only come to Spinifex in the beginning we could have had the best from the start. Without doubt the most professional manufacturer. 
Glad to be part of the Spin family.

David R.

March, 2021

Have been in Spin410 since we collected and couldn’t be happier. So happy we choose to go with Spinifex after 12 months+ research before committing, it has exceeded our expectations. We made the right decision!!

Keith & Rachael F.

February, 2021

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