The Nomadix is a full off-road that comes with everything a modern nomad like yourself needs. From a full custom design to the basics, such as electricity and water, television and air condition­ing. Spinifex Caravans handpicked a multitude of key features to make sure that every person using the Nomadix caravan will experience the great outdoors in the best way possible.

“I searched for 2 years to find the best off-road van and believe I have found it with our Spinifex Caravan.”

– Des B, NomadiX owner since 2015

Chassis and Suspension

The full off-road chassis is made from a 75mm dual-beam hot-dip galvanised Australian steel, designed and manufac­tured in house by Spinifex. The chassis is CAD designed and constructed on a JIG to ensure strength and accuracy.

Sitting on top of the chassis is a fully insulated one-piece fibreglass composite floor for comfort and strength.
Underneath it, you will find the Cruisemaster XT All Terrain coil suspension, 12” drum brakes, paired with 41mm foam cell dual-tube dampers – the highest load capacity in its class. It also features full Camber and Toe adjustment to deliver a smooth ride with even tyre wear.


The power is supplied by a 7.1kW chassis mounted 51.1V battery (650A/h at 12V), supported by 1245W of solar paired with a DCX 5kW 240VAC inverter/charger. All that to ensure all your power necessities are taken care of regardless of where your travels take you.


The exterior is built with the finest materials to ensure the most robust of constructions. Full interlocking aluminium wall and roof frames, fully insulated topped with one-piece fibreglass reinforced external panels.

Tough aluminium armour is used on the lower section to protect your van wherever you want to take it.

The Nomadix not only gives you the ultimate protection from the elements while off-roading, but it was also designed to deliver a sleek and stylish presence on the road.


The interior is complete with hand-stitched 100% genuine leather upholstery, and elegant décor to match; soft closing high-grade runners and hinges on all draws and doors, heavy-duty vinyl flooring and luxurious pocket spring mat­tress, with a full separate ensuite for those creature comforts.

The Nomadix is your five-star home away from home.


The Nomadix is equipped with a fan-forced oven and 20L microwave to give you all the comforts of home. You will also find multiple USB points throughout for charging your devices, and ample power points available, as well as LED lighting to help you save energy.

To keep you cool during hot tropical nights, the Nomadix comes with soft start air-conditioning, as well as two sirocco fans included.

Last but not least, it also includes a 32” Smart TV and the Fusion stereo system with internal and external speakers.


The Nomadix holds 280 litres of fresh water for shower and vanity and has a separate 83 litres tank for drinking water plumbed separately through a carbon filter to ensure no chance of cross-contamination of your water. All your water concerns should be taken care of with 83 litres of greywater catchment and separate water fillers and a mains pressure inlet.

It is complete with a 20L gas/elec hot water system for a nice hot shower and a 3kg top load washing machine, to make it feel just like home.

Customisable Layouts

By choosing a Nomadix, you can genuinely customise your caravan and design your interior to one that caters to your needs. You will start from scratch and participate in the design process alongside our specialists to make it your own. 

 Nevertheless, we’ve got a few ideas to get you inspired. Click below to see some of the most popular floorplans we’ve built over the years.

empty caravan

Start with a blank canvas and design the perfect layout for you and your family.

ATM, Tare and Payload

For the past 13 years of building caravans, we haven’t made two of the same Nomadix. The reason for that is that each Nomadix is genuinely unique, and it comes in unlimited layouts as we design and build each caravan to suit individual customer’s needs.
Different layouts and optional extras influence the final tare and payload weights. If you would like to have an estimate, please get in touch with us and speak to our specialists about your dream van.
Alternatively, explore our most recent builds gallery to find out the exact weights and measurements of the latest caravans we have manufactured:

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