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Letters to our Office

Spin 469 is our personalised caravan.  The expertise of the team at Spinifex helped us create a very comfortable travel home.  The design layout (Dave), interior design (Mark), furnishings, fitouts (factory staff led by Scott), fine attention to detail has made our caravan practical and very liveable.

The after sales service for a couple of minor issues has been great. Spinifex knows how to translate dreams into reality and we are really enjoying our travel home very much.

Thank you!

Cor and Ingeborg

Spin 469

Our Spinifex Journey.

We now own our second Spinifex Van. Our experience with design and building both our vans has been fantastic. We spend 3 months every year in the van and get to talk to many people that have disaster stories to tell about bad experiences they have endured with building a Van.

At Spinifex it is the opposite. After visiting all the rival builders who were just going through the motions, we arrived at the factory and met Mark Evans. He was very welcoming, great to talk to and made everything easy to understand. Designing and building a custom van can be overwhelming but these guys make it easy.We made the decision to build a Spinifex on the day.We didn’t have to worry about all the extras, they were all included.

Our next visit to the factory was a day spent with Dave Hope, who is the most patient man ever. His attention to detail is fantastic and it is fascinating watching him build the van on his computer. They are happy to think outside the square but also won’t do something that they know may fail or simply won’t work. Experience is King.

As we are from Victoria, Mark suggested we book into the Park at Scarborough for a couple of nights to get used to our new van Spin 390. On arrival to pick the new van up they set the tow car up and went through everything we needed to know. The next day we rang with a couple of questions and they came out to the park to help us. Great service. We have had a few little warranty issues that have been fixed without any issues. In the Caravan world that is unusual.

After 3 years we decided to build another van. It was a no brainer. I rang Mark who organised everything again. Spin 501 is a Premier Electrex 22ft front door van. We spent ages on the layout trying to change little bits to make it more comfortable. The result is unbelievable. We even have our Coffee machine built in and slides out of a cupboard.

We have just spent 3 months on the road 10,000 klm. Living in an all electric van is like living in a house. Fantastic. We have had a few issues which have been dealt with immediately. Scott Knipe the GM and Mark have been fantastic. I have called them with any issues and they’ve always answered the phone.

The build quality is seriously good. Spin 390 was like new after 30,000 klm which made it easy to sell. Resale value is excellent.

To Scott, Mark, Dave and all the team, thank you for the way you have made our Spinifex experience so great.

Well done!

Ann and Simon C.

Spins 390 & 501

Carole & I wish to express our sincere appreciation of the exemplary service we recently received from the SPINIFEX team. We purchased Spin 323 from the Eltringham’s in June last year so we never received the official SPINIFEX handover & obviously wasn’t involved in the build process. From the time I booked a service with Linda, following Scott’s jiggling to accommodate our travelling schedule, to collecting our van, we could not fault the attention to detail.

Before we purchased the van from the Eltringham’s, Mark contacted the previous owners, supplied all the build specifications & was very forthcoming in assuring us that it was a great van When dropping off our van for service Paula’s rapport was immediate Then for the finale!

Bob was assigned to our van. He is one version of the caravan bible! He listened intently as Carole & I showed Bob the issues requiring attention. However, when we collected our van the “gem” for us was how Bob went through the entire details of the service – Boy! Did we glean so much information in caring for our Spin.

Having owned a Jayco Sterling & a New Age Manta Ray we have never experienced such dedication to clients in having our van serviced. Steve, you have  an incredible team, dedicated to carrying out the SPINIFEX mission.

Martin & Carole L.

Spin 323

I write this letter unsolicited and so hope it is of a surprise to the Team at Spinifex Caravans Deception Bay QLD.

Dee-Ann and I have been to hell and back in the Caravan Motorhome industry and we were just about to Give Up on ever being able to get a quality product that was fit for purpose in Australia.

We purchased a Chinese Manufactured Imported Van in 2017, this was literally a disaster as when we got it home thinks like the sink wasn’t connected, water pumps didn’t work and the mattress (wasn’t in the van when we picked it up) when it arrived on freight didn’t fit the van, and we had to wait for another one. We used it once and decided we made a big mistake, as we bought on price, we then traded that van to a dealer in our local area on the way back from our maiden weekend away and bought a well-known Australian Manufactured brand out of Melbourne.

We left our van at the dealer and picked us the new van a week later. We got a 2-hour handover, the vans appointments and decor were nice, the finish was a little like lacking but we thought this is that standard and let’s enjoy it.

We specifically bought this van as the dealer said the trip we planned this was the perfect product. We left a few weeks later and headed for Cape York, then Brooms via the Gibb River Road, then down to Alice Springs then this is where we cut our trip short. We just couldn’t deal with the breakages, and the dust ingress. The van was full of dust, we had spent the last 6 weeks patching holes in the floor where I found poor silicon seals, appliances breaking from the vibrations, the rear tyre carrier fell off at Katherine etc. We had to vacuum each day the van to be able to get into it to eat and sleep.

What really annoyed us was owners of Kedron, Spinifex and Bush tracker vans we met along the way had no dust, their dealer Support stories were better than we had experienced. Our dealer told me numerous times on our trip when we called and complained “it’s not built for bulldust, no van is”. We had experienced other vans that did not leak in the dust. They were parked up each night next to us.

We gave up on the dealer and the manufacturer after dealing with the factory throughout our trip we realised we had bought a true lemon. We decided to stick to Tar, and in that we headed to Fraser Island, then home. The van was taken back to the factory by the Dealer, they said they would go over it and our list they agreed to fix, I got the van back and found half the stuff that required repairs was not done still. I made the repairs, cleaned the van spotless and sold it. Both Vans failed miserably.

We had met a Spinifex owner at Burketown on our travels and these owners praised the company to no end. We also notice that Spinifex was the only manufacturer not on the Lemon List.

We then decided Spinifex and another Manufacturer North of Brisbane were our only two options. We made appointments flew up and met with the first Manufacturer Saturday Morning, done a factory tour, their vans in stock at the time were the display vans from the Brisbane show and they said they were ready to go. We were disappointed that they had not weighed them, so we didn’t know our expected carrying capacities, and the vans were not finished off at all. Tanks were missing, Cabinetry was crooked, light switches mounted on a Slope. The sales guy told us that this would all be fixed and the vans, 2 off we looked at would be ok don’t worry. They said they had hurried them for the show. This didn‘t sit very well with us at all.

We left and went to Spinifex 30 minutes up the road, we were now thinking what we have done by coming up to QLD. We met Stephen Voss, it was a Saturday after lunch and he had come in specially to meet us. We toured the small Workshop and were pleasantly surprised by the detail and the in-house capacity they had that all the items were made in this location. We looked through some other vans under build, and some older vans outside that were back in for upgrades and Service. We were surprised by the Dirty Outside condition of a van and its pristine inside condition, that proved they are Dust Proof.

l asked loads of questions, Stephen also knew our history with Dust and the other vans, so he was patient and answered our apprehensive questions comprehensively, impartially and very honestly.

We sat down and went through colours and layout options, inclusions, upgrades and pricing. Dee-Ann and I were quite emotional to think what if we had found these guys first, how easier would our life of been, and not to mention our last trip, and not forgetting our wallets that had been emptied by bad decision after another.

We decided we would make an order, paid a deposit, we stayed with Stephen and done layouts, discussed expected weights to cater for our Landcruiser, colours inclusions and deletions. We left Spinifex about 4pm and knew we had finally done the right thing.

We were fitted into production and over the following 8 weeks we were contacted weekly with plan changes and layout changes. We flew up 2 weeks out from completion and looked at our van and discussed finer finish details etc, then after daily pictures of production were emailed. We were told a date for pickup and we arrived to see a perfectly finished van, detailed and hooked up to our tow car. We were shown through the whole van, even the rails and roll holders were put on in our presence to make sure we were happy with the locations.

We left Spinifex ater spending 6 hours at the factory on handover and tow car setup with an amazing van that was made to our layout, even the toilet was changed as we wanted, the colours were great, and the finish is 100% perfect. Once I got the van home, the van on airbag towed like new trailer ever has towed, I went over it in details with some friends and there was not 1 item that was not finished correctly, not 1 piece of silicone done in a hurry, and the fabric and leather works were masterful.

Dee-Ann and I want to thank Steve the Owner, Stephen, Dave the most amazing CAD Design guy and the Workshop Team at Spinifex Caravans for building us an amazing Caravan and giving us the service, that others can only wish to achieve. I am available to give a personal reference to any person considering whether to or not to buy a Spinifex Van.

Thank You Sincerely to the Team at Spinifex.

Steve and Dee-Ann C.

Spins 340 & 400

After quite some time inspecting and researching all the “Off Road Caravans” at the caravan shows in Queensland, we were always drawn back to the Spinifex display. The staff were most helpful and not pushy, we really wanted an off road caravan built and finished the way we wanted, both externally and internally. We chose Spinifex over well known off-road caravan manufacturers. We did a factory tour and we were impressed with what we saw. We then went through the process of getting a quote and also getting an understanding of why the team at Spinifex build their vans the way they do. We had all our “wish list” covered off during the quote process and we purchased our Spinifex #167 in October 2014.

Our first trip was the “Big Lap” fishing extensively in Western from February until October in 2015. We had all sorts of road conditions handed to us including countless gravel roads and sandy tracks. We visited various properties and stations that allowed access to fishing areas and we then travelled The Gibb River Road, Kalumbaru Road and also into Telegraph Pool. We have completed a freshwater fishing holiday that took us to most impoundments dams in Queensland and some of the tracks were challenging.

After sales customer service is always a concern when you can be thousands of Kilometres away from the factory. We had a couple of issues that had to be repaired and I rang Dion and Gloria at Spinifex and all the issues were rectified without any hesitation at NO cost to us. We then received a follow up call to ensure all the repairs were completed and we were back on the road which is very assuring, thanks guys.
We have been back to the factory to have modifications performed and it is awesome how they treat you – just like a big family !!

We are extremely happy with our caravan and believe that Spinifex offers an exceptional product at an affordable price. Steve the owner, Dion the General manager, Gloria in the office and Mathais in the design area and all the factory staff are exceptional to deal with. This exceptional customer service is what makes the Spinifex team so great to deal with.

Thanks to the Spinifex Team for an outstanding caravan experience.

Eric and Sheryl H.

Spin 167

We are the proud owners of a custom built Spinifex Caravan, the model of our choice being an Epix internal length of 21’. This testimonial is not about the technical details of a van or its cost, all of which in our case are excellent and well met, but rather outlining a process that has human qualities that in our modern world are becoming rare and precious.

Del and I are 55 and 61 respectively, happily married second time round with 4 adult children between us and 5 grandkids, most recently we worked in finance and the legal sector. We lived in West Gippsland, Victoria on a 2 acre property in the foothills adjacent to Mt Baw Baw National Park surrounded by dairy farms and forest. We loved this property; all that it represented, along with the memories of the good times had by family, friends and our precious dogs and horses that shared it with us.
The attractions of home, family and work whilst positive and rewarding did not seem to waylay a restlessness we both felt in terms of enriching and fulfilling our lives as we come toward the inevitabilities of our senescence. Thus we made the decision to do something for us, breaking all conventions that we have worked and lived by to go explore this magic land while we have health and the ability to do so. The research began; buying a caravan is not just buying a caravan!!!

It hit us that we are going to be in this thing every day in all locations and weather – it had to be good!!!
Our choice came down to two manufacturers both located in Qld one being Spinifex.
May 2016 saw us go to Qld for factory tours, first the other company. We were impressed with the product, but felt a little underwhelmed with the level of enthusiasm displayed. There seemed to be a sense of going through the motions. After 3.5 hours we headed off with a standard plan and list of options and prices to sort out with no discussion had about options to help with technical detail or misunderstandings we may have had. Also we were left feeling if this was how they present at the sales stage what would happen if or when you needed support out on the road?

A new day brought an overwhelmingly polar opposite to the previous days visit.
The first point taken in by us was the pride with which all the staff communicated about the processes and products that are ultimately the result of their endeavours – Spinifex Caravans.
Secondly a genuine welcoming and empathy as to why you are there and what this means to you. There was an equal mix of presenting the caravan as well as seeking to understand our desires and needs over a very pleasant coffee.
There was no sense of rushing or presenting a multitude of technical information that would leave any novice rattled. From our perspective, the full explanation of the construction and options as to how best meet our needs was very thorough and relayed in practical layman’s terms as to how you use and live in the customised caravan you are designing and purchasing.

I cannot speak highly enough of the afternoon spent with Dion, Gloria, Mathias, Steve and the crew on the floor their knowledge and passion were self-evident.

The vans are constructed with prefix “Spin” and the production number in our case “Spin 256”, we had become part of a greater group that left us in no doubt whatsoever that should you find the need for assistance on the road this is unquestionably part of the companies philosophy, very comforting and reassuring.
We knew this was what we were searching for and represented all the qualities that met our needs both in the caravan and the people building them.

We picked up our caravan on the 31st of August 2016, what a proud exciting and overwhelming day to see all the planning detail come to life beyond our expectation. The sense of excitement as to where this would lead us mixed with apprehension about the unknown created one of those memorable days that occur rarely in life.

To get to this point we confirmed our order the following day after the factory tour and planning discussion with completion date set for late August. The ensuing months saw a constant dialogue to refine the final quote with the features we wanted along with the suggestions made by Spinifex for things we hadn’t considered, from here the final plans were presented for chassis, electrical and internal layout with all options and modifications noted. Once construction commenced there were weekly updates via email with progress photos attached. Any queries, uncertainties and requested updates were always answered promptly invoking a sense of camaraderie and being part of the process.

Handover day took 8 hours with full and detailed explanation of all facets of the caravan while the tow vehicle was set up with rear camera and tow hitch. The rig was taken out at the end of the day to set up brakes and check all safety and handling with the Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser. After the first 1,000 km Spinifex had organised full suspension check and wheel alignment to be carried out on the van by the component supplier.

The gift of Pepperjack Shiraz was also very much appreciated that night. We now have a van and home that is part of our DNA and after 3 months in her, we have no misgivings, doubts or problems. “Spin 256” has become a home we dearly love that has comfort, safety, strength, state of art technology and appeal which is competitively priced given the level of sophistication and technical upgrades we wanted.

The adventure has only just begun and there will always be the 3 of us Del & I along with “Spin 256”.

Thank you to Spinifex Caravans for allowing us to be able to pursue our dream.

Tom & Del T.

Spin 256

We purchased our Spinifex #031, in March 2011. There were several reasons at the time that we chose Spinifex over another very well known brand of off-road caravan manufacturers. Firstly they would build what WE wanted in features and finishes, as opposed to what was on the standard menu. Secondly they could built it in 3 months rather than 9-12 months. Thirdly, and most importantly, it was the people that we dealt with that made the decision non negotiable.

As at September 2015, we have travelled over 38,000km on all sorts of terrain including The Gibb River Road, Kalumbaru Road as far as King Edward River, The Savannah Way on dirt as much as possible from Broome to Cairns. And finally, this year to Seisa on Cape York.
All these travels have been without drama, major malfunctions or any other problems that have affected where we wanted to go.
Sure, there has been the odd pieces of equipment that have had to be repaired or replaced but NOTHING major. All these issues have been addressed, repaired or replaced by Spinifex without any hesitation mostly at no or very little cost to us.

We have been very happy with our purchase and believe that Spinifex offers an exceptional product at an acceptable price. The Company and the people who work for Steve the owner, Mathias the designer, Dion the workshop foreman and Gloria in the office are all a delight to deal with.

Thanks you Spinifex for a wonderful Caravan experience.

Trish & Rick J.

Spin 031

Quality and reliability were critical in our choice of a new outback style of caravan.

Settling on specific key criteria and after many months of intense research, we drove from Melbourne to Queensland and conducted factory visits of the very shortlisted manufacturers. This was most enlightening. Some caravans looked great finished however when you saw how they were built, the quality controls and workmanship, the short list disappeared!

That said, we purchased in 2013 a NomadiX, 20’. Spinifex were flexible and only too happy to make additional modifications tailored to our needs. Nothing seemed to be a problem for Spinifex.

Our caravan is solid, durable, reliable and comfortable with a touch of luxury. Build, fixtures, fitting and workmanship has been outstanding.

We recently toured to the Tip of Cape York, through the Lakefield NP and out to Wiepa in our NomadiX. Oh the corrugations on that development road! The Spinifex performed brilliantly. No component failures. Sure we had some cosmetic issues for such a rough trip, for example some draw latches broke (probably due to our over-loading) and the microwave became loose. However Spinifex replaced the latches, gave us the upgrade draw fitment, upgraded the Microwave mounting system to their latest fitting procedure, plus more, all free of charge. Now that’s fantastic aftersales service.

We couldn’t be more happy with our brand and product choice. The sad stories we’ve heard from others regarding aftersales support is frightening. Spinifex excels with aftersales and service support.

After touring for a few years now it has become obvious that we have great value for money. The whole team at Spinifex are a delight to work with.

Our recommendation is; ‘that if you want a wonderful whole life of ownership experience, then you can’t go past Spinifex’.

Peter & Robyn H.

Spin 093

Brenda and I having taken our SPIN 216 away for its inaugural trip and wanted to give you some feedback.

Everything in the van worked perfectly with no issues at all. The van followed us wherever we went faultlessly, a true credit to design and build quality.

While we were enjoying our new van at Scotts Head another owner of a new van (not Spinifex) spent his time lookingh for, and finding, faults. While small, they were annoying. We just enjoyed our van, as it should be. So, in short; well done!

Brenda & Neil P.

Spin 216

Other Reviews

Our entire build consultation and purchase was attended by phone and online and we were very pleased with the attention to detail given to us by all of the team. On the day of collection of our Spinifex Xscape, we were taken through a very thorough hand over, covering all of the elements and functions and several good tips were offered also. Our tow hitch required adjustment to match with the caravan and the workshop team attended to this promptly to enable us to get on the road. We are very impressed with the quality of the accessories and fittings throughout. The high standard of the van’s build is clearly evident both internally and externally and the finishes are of a premium class. During the first week of ownership we towed the van 2000 km’s and it performed exceptionally well. We would highly recommend the Spinifex Caravan team if you are considering an off-road caravan. Happy customers, Leeanne and Andrew.
Leanne and Andrew S.

2021, Spin 417

Wow what a great experience – after researching just about every Caravan manufacturer in Australia “Spinifex” came out in front in every aspect. Thank you to Steve, Mark, David and Scotty for a memorable experience. From the commencement of the design phase, through to including new innovations such as the 48 Volt Safiery BMS and increasing the size of the front box to fit our 3 KVA Honda Generator (not that we will need it, but just in case) and 75 Ltr Waeco you have all been amazing. Thank you so much

Paul and Vanessa L.

2020, Spin 406

Steve & staff are always friendly and happy to help in any way. We bought our Spinifex 2nd hand and we still receive great service. Thank you Spinifex team 👍

Steve & Jules C.

2020, Spin 096

The very obvious quality of the construct is what has drawn us to this prestige brand. We are just so impressed with the way they go about their business, and so appreciate being kept in the loop with the email photo updates.
Ian M.


Went above and beyond with friendly customer service and promptness, Thanks.
Dave D.


Have been in Spin410 since we collected and couldn’t be happier. Love that everything just works!! Beautifully finished inside and out and lots of little additions they have as standards compared to other manufacturers to make life on the road so easy. Staff have all been great to deal with and made the build process smooth and handover so thorough. So happy we choose to go with Spinifex after 12 months+ research before committing, it has exceeded our expectations. We made the right decision!! Thank you Team Spinifex – Steve, Dave, Mark, Scotty, Josh, Spike, Paula, Linda and all the staff that worked on Spin 410!!

Keith and Rachael F.

2021, Spin 410

Spin 416 is now on the road and we are loving it. Or as we are calling it Suite 416. This is our 6th van and if we had only come to Spinifex in the beginning we could have had the best from the start. Without doubt the most professional manufacturer. From the minute you enter and are greeted by Paula you know you are in the right place. Mark spent lots time showing us the build process. David was just brilliant with the design and drawings and more than understanding when we wanted something different. The guys in the factory are a credit to the caravan industry. Have never had such an informative handover. It’s now up to us to enjoy it. Glad to be part of the Spin family!
Dave R.

2021, Spin 416

From meeting the team to the design, colour and setup of our van it has been a pleasant experience, It is very important to us to of had feed back on its build as we live in Tassie and cant just come check on the build when we want. Every day we would received heaps of pic on the build from start to finnish, compared to our previous van (not a spinifex) these guys are 100% awesome, and now 18 mth on travelling on the road they still are such an awesome team to deal with compared to previouse experience’s with other companies.

You cant go wrong with a Spinifex

Rhonda E.

2019, Spin 323

Had great day getting van layout, colours sorted. On delivery, everything was as expected. Great people to deal with, and great product.
John D.

2019, SPIN249

I searched for 2 years to find the best off road van and believe I have found it with our Spinifex Caravan.

we bought the van new and have driven many dirt roads which it has handled with ease.
Very happy.

Des B.

2019, Spin 210

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