Why we use Aluminium framework instead of timber

No one wants to see their beloved caravan rotting, but it happens. You know over the years we have seen some fairly horrible and eaten away caravan frameworks due to water getting into the frame and it swelling and rotting. Not only does it smell, it affects the structure and rigidity of the caravan.

This is the main reason that at Spinifex we choose to manufacture all of our Off Road RV’s with an aluminium frame instead of timber.

We strive to ensure that we use the latest technology and the very best quality materials to manufacture your caravan because we know you want it to stand the test of time and take a beating on all those awesome off road tracks you will drive down. Our vans are totally self sustainable and that means that they have to be able to go literally anywhere. Ask any one of our customers to see if our vans have the off road factor you need.

We promise our vans wont rot or twist, they will take you anywhere and beyond.

Here are some images of the internals of a caravan that is literally rotting away. You’ll never find this in a Spinifex van.

dsc01308 dsc01307 dsc01306 dsc01305 dsc01304 dsc01303 dsc01302 dsc01301 dsc01300 dsc01299 dsc01298 dsc01297

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