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Our Warranty means you’re covered

Making sure you are safe and sound in your van at all times

We believe in safety, we make sure that you have everything you need to take your caravan on the road and if you have any troubles, we have an extensive warranty that means you are covered in the event of a problem.

Spinifex Caravans warrants the original purchaser that for a term of three years their caravan will be covered under a manufacturers warranty from the date of handover. The Components used to build the caravan that may be deemed faulty will be repaired or replaced without charge to the original purchaser. At the discretion of Spinifex Caravans electrical components may also be covered under the manufacturers warranty. After that time we have other types of warranties available to purchase so you know you have peace of mind on every trip you ever take.

Your Warranty covers:

Externals, Internals, Chassis, Electrics, Plumbing, Everything…

Note – This warranty does not cover failure caused by any of the following:

  • Normal wear and tear commensurate with age and use
  • Deterioration pr fading of paint, curtains, seats or soft trim
  • Damage caused by towing with the incorrect tyre pressure
  • Overloading, misuse or abuse of any products
  • Incorrect towing equipment
  • Negligence
  • Water Submersion
  • Accident damage
  • Owner abuse or damage caused by incorrect electricity, gas or water supply
  • Any inconsequential damage due to continued usage or towing after the defect has or should have become apparent

It is the responsibility and obligation of the purchaser to notify the Warranty department at Spinifex Caravans immediately if a fault does become apparent.


Should you need to submit a warranty claim the process is easy


  1. The Authorised repairer or you the customer contacts us here at Spinifex to talk to us where we will collect the data and validate the warranty for you.
  2. If you are not in the area, you will be asked to take the caravan to the nearest reputable repairer – we can help you locate one if you get stuck.
  3. You will get a quote from the authorised repairer and we will request a copy of that quote with all supporting documents before repairs can be approved or commenced.
  4. Spinifex will issue the repairer with the chassis number and we will sign the paperwork
  5. Spinifex will coordinate and organise all of the parts that the repairer needs to repair your caravan and then the repair will take place.

Please note that any repairs that are carried out prior to Spinifex’s authorisation will result in the claim being denied.

All warranty issues can be emailed to admin@spinifexcaravans.com.au

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