Tom & Del Treptow “Spin 256”

We are the proud owners of a custom built Spinifex Caravan, the model of our choice being an Epix internal length of 21’.


This testimonial is not about the technical details of a van or its cost, all of which in our case are excellent and well met, but rather outlining a process that has human qualities that in our modern world are becoming rare and precious.


Del and I are 55 and 61 respectively, happily married second time round with 4 adult children between us and 5 grandkids, most recently we worked in finance and the legal sector. We lived in West Gippsland, Victoria on a 2 acre property in the foothills adjacent to Mt Baw Baw National Park surrounded by dairy farms and forest. We loved this property; all that it represented, along with the memories of the good times had by family, friends and our precious dogs and horses that shared it with us.


The attractions of home, family and work whilst positive and rewarding did not seem to waylay a restlessness we both felt in terms of enriching and fulfilling our lives as we come toward the inevitabilities of our senescence. Thus we made the decision to do something for us, breaking all conventions that we have worked and lived by to go explore this magic land while we have health and the ability to do so.
The research began; buying a caravan is not just buying a caravan!!!


It hit us that we are going to be in this thing every day in all locations and weathers – it had to be good!!!


Our choice came down to two manufacturers both located in Qld one being Spinifex.


May 2016 saw us go to Qld for factory tours, first the other van. We were impressed with the product, but felt a little underwhelmed with the level of enthusiasm displayed. There seemed to be a sense of going through the motions. After 3.5 hours we headed off with a standard plan and list of options and prices to sort out with no discussion had about options to help with technical detail or misunderstandings we may have had. Also we were left feeling if this was how they present at the sales stage what would happen if or when you needed support out on the road?


A new day brought an overwhelmingly polar opposite to the previous days visit.


The first point taken in by us was the pride with which all the staff communicated about the processes and products that are ultimately the result of their endeavours – Spinifex Caravans.


Secondly a genuine welcoming and empathy as to why you are there and what this means to you. There was an equal mix of presenting the caravan as well us seeking to understand our desires and needs over a very pleasant coffee.


There was no sense of rushing or presenting a multitude of technical information that would leave any novice rattled. From our perspective the full explanation of the construction and options as to how best meet our needs was very thorough and relayed in practical layman’s terms as to how you use and live in the customised caravan you are designing and purchasing.


I cannot speak highly enough of the afternoon spent with Dion, Gloria, Mathias, Steve and the crew on the floor their knowledge and passion were self-evident.
The vans are constructed with prefix “Spin” and the production number in our case “Spin 256”, we had become part of a greater group that left us in no doubt whatsoever that should you find the need for assistance on the road this is unquestionably part of the companies philosophy, very comforting and reassuring.


We knew this was what we were searching for and represented all the qualities that met our needs both in the caravan and the people building them.
We picked up our caravan on the 31st of August 2016, what a proud exciting and overwhelming day to see all the planning detail come to life beyond our expectation. The sense of excitement as to where this would lead us mixed with apprehension about the unknown created one of those memorable days that occur rarely in life.


To get to this point we confirmed our order the following day after the factory tour and planning discussion with completion date set for late August.
The ensuing months saw a constant dialog to refine the final quote with the features we wanted along with the suggestions made by Spinifex for things we hadn’t considered, from here the final plans were presented for chassis, electrical and internal layout with all options and modifications noted.


Once construction commenced there were weekly updates via email with progress photos attached. Any queries, uncertainties and requested updates were always answered promptly invoking a sense of camaraderie and being part of the process.
Handover day took 8 hours with full and detailed explanation of all facets of the caravan while the tow vehicle was set up with rear camera and tow hitch. The rig was taken out at the end of the day to set up brakes and check all safety and handling with the Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser. After the first 1,000 km Spinifex had organised full suspension check and wheel alignment to be carried out on the van by the component supplier.


The gift of Pepperjack Shiraz was also very much appreciated that night.
We now have a van and home that is part of our DNA and after 3 months in her we have no misgivings, doubts or problems. “Spin 256” has become a home we dearly love that has comfort, safety, strength, state of art technology and appeal which is competitively priced given the level of sophistication and technical upgrades we wanted.


The adventure has only just begun and there will always be the 3 of us Del & I along with “Spin 256”.
Thank you to Spinifex Caravans for allowing us to be able to pursue our dream.

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