‘Tis the Season to Begin Adventures – In our “Spinifex” Caravan

"Deck the halls it's time for camping - fa la la la la la la la la. ''Tis the season to try glamping - fa la la la la la la la la" 

I can’t remember a time where Santa didn’t visit us whilst being in the great outdoors. Christmas has always been a time where we say goodbye to our little suburban street and head to a coastal camping ground usually located along the pristine coastline of northern NSW.
Memories of big green canvas tents and old vintage fibreglass caravans perched neatly under paperbark trees riddled with screeching cicadas have made way for camper trailers, pop tops, RV’s and modern steel framed off-road contraptions that house everything including showers, toilets, washing machines and even pretty amazing kitchen sinks with state of the art water filtration systems. Wow, times have really changed. You only have to venture through the compounds of any caravan park in Australia to see how camping has become more accessible for any age group, young, old, tall, short, big or small. Camping no longer is for the hardened adventure seeker (although that helps). Yeah sure, there are times and places where camping requires a little more tolerance than what’s usually expected at a fancy hotel, but nothing beats the feeling you get from the freedom of being outdoors and literally hearing the sleighbells ring as Santa and his reindeers make their way through the campground on Christmas Eve.


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This time last year, our little family of four (including our two dogs) were preparing for yet another beachside Christmas in our trusty camper trailer en-route to Corindi Beach (located just north of Coffs Harbour). We had just sold our business and were looking forward to 12 days of uninterrupted relaxation! My definition of BLISS!! We would look forward to sandy beach towels, outdoor Christmas trees, roast pork on the “Weber” and the usual annual game of Petanque (and yes, our family is actually French) on the grass on Christmas afternoon. Like-minded seasoned Christmas campers would steadily arrive armed with trailers, tents and caravans of all different shapes and sizes. Bikes and scooters would begin taking over the narrow roads leaving cars parked under trees and gazebos shading older humans usually armed with cheese, crackers and various refreshing alcoholic concoctions.
Fast forward 12 months and we’re about to do it all again, however this year we’ve decided to make some fairly significant changes. Not only have we ditched our trusty 2nd hand camper trailer, but we’ve made the colossal decision to travel around Australia with our kids. How lucky are we?
Corindi Beach will be the beginning of an adventure that will take us places that we could never have imagined possible….. and all thanks to what will be our “home away from home” for the next 12 months…..

Our trustworthy, reliable SPINIFEX Caravan.

What’s not to love about this caravan?
After hours of scrolling through numerous online caravan sales sites we were drawn to the ‘Spinifex’ for a variety of reasons.
Firstly, we love how spacious and big the beds are.
We have a growing family… my 6ft4 husband Chris (D43) appears to be considerably taller than the standard male camper. He usually struggles to fit lengthwise into any of the so-called queen sized beds that come standard in normal caravans. The Spinifex caravan that we sourced had the perfect sized bed for his long lanky legs (and mine). The second thing we were after was a caravan that would comfortably house our growing kids. Jules is 11(J11) and Josie is 9 (J9). They are both growing like wildfire and need beds that are spacious as well as long… Needless to say, we’re hoping to keep this caravan for quite a few years. The bunk configuration has ample room for their growing bodies even until adulthood. (God help us if they are still with us until then)! The bunks are long (really long), yet have a cosy feeling about them, thanks to the inclusion of curtains which come standard in the van.

J11 describes what he loves most about the bunks “I love how my mum had some different curtains made up especially for us. We went to Lincraft and picked our own material and mum had them made to fit. I picked the red palm trees and Josie picked the pink ones”. I also love how I can close the curtains and sleep-in as long as I want to, without being woken up by morning light and noises”.
J9 also describes what she loves mostly about the bunks.

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“I chose the bottom bunk because I like to be close to mum and dad. There’s also lots of room for my stuffed toys and pillows. I got to choose my own dooner cover which ‘kind-of’ matches the curtains too”!
Both bunk beds also come with ‘block out’ blinds and reading lights which helps the kids at night if they need anything, or just want to read a book, play a game or draw. Each bed has a window with screens which provides ample ventilation on hot summer days or nights.
The kids also use the bunks as a haven to escape from the outside world. There’s even room for their friends to sleep ‘top-to-tail’ although we’ve not tried that one yet. There is also a movable ladder and a safety screen (like a net) which could be used if you have younger children that are at risk of falling out of the bed.
Night time routines still remain the same as if we were home. Both my husband and I are still agile enough to climb the ladder and give the kids a kiss goodnight, although our son much prefers jumping on our bed to give us a better quality hug before he climbs into his little haven. Either way, we are all together; listening to whatever night noises may be about.

The sounds of the ocean will be the first of many night noises that we’ll experience whilst laying our heads down at the end of an adventurous day.
Bring on the next 12 months in our trusty SPINIFEX. We can’t wait.

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