Steve and Dee-Ann Caunt

I write this letter unsolicited and so hope it is of a surprise to the Team at Spinifex Caravans Deception Bay QLD.

Dee-Ann and I have been to hell and back in the Caravan Motorhome industry and we were just about to Give Up on ever being able to get a quality product that was fit for purpose in Australia.

We purchased a Chinese Manufactured Imported Van in 2017, this was literally a disaster as when we got it home thinks like the sink wasn’t connected, water pumps didn’t work and the mattress (wasn’t in the van when we picked it up) when it arrived on freight didn’t fit the van, and we had to wait for another one. We used it once and decided we made a big mistake, as we bought on price, we then traded that van to a dealer in our local area on the way back from our maiden weekend away and bought a well-known Australian Manufactured brand out of Melbourne.

We left our van at the dealer and picked us the new van a week later. We got a 2-hour handover, the vans appointments and decor were nice, the finish was a little like lacking but we thought this is that standard and let’s enjoy it.

We specifically bought this van as the dealer said the trip we planned this was the perfect product. We left a few weeks later and headed for Cape York, then Brooms via the Gibb River Road, then down to Alice Springs then this is where we cut our trip short. We just couldn’t deal with the breakages, and the dust ingress. The van was full of dust, we had spent the last 6 weeks patching holes in the floor where I found poor silicon seals, appliances breaking from the vibrations, the rear tyre carrier fell off at Katherine etc. We had to vacuum each day the van to be able to get into it to eat and sleep.

What really annoyed us was owners of Kedron, Spinifex and Bush tracker vans we met along the way had no dust, their dealer Support stories were better than we had experienced. Our dealer told me numerous times on our trip when we called and complained “it’s not built for bulldust, no van is”. We had experienced other vans that did not leak in the dust. They were parked up each night next to us,

We gave up on the dealer and the manufacturer after dealing with the factory throughout our trip we realised we had bought a true lemon. We decided to stick to Tar, and in that we headed to Fraser Island, then home. The van was taken back to the factory by the Dealer, they said they would go over it and our list they agreed to fix, I got the van back and found half the stuff that required repairs was not done still. I made the repairs, cleaned the van spotless and sold it. Both Vans failed miserably.

We had met a Spinifex owner at Burketown on our travels and these owners praised the company to no end. We also notice that Spinifex was the only manufacturer not on the Lemon List.

We then decided Spinifex and another Manufacturer North of Brisbane were our only two options. We made appointments flew up and met with the first Manufacturer Saturday Morning, done a factory tour, their vans in stock at the time were the display vans from the Brisbane show and they said they were ready to go. We were disappointed that they had not weighed them, so we didn’t know our expected carrying capacities, and the vans were not finished off at all. Tanks were missing, Cabinetry was crooked, light switches mounted on a Slope. The sales guy told us that this would all be fixed and the vans, 2 off we looked at would be ok don’t worry. They said they had hurried them for the show. This didn‘t sit very well with us at all.

We left and went to Spinifex 30 minutes up the road, we were now thinking what we have done by coming up to QLD. We met Stephen Voss, it was a Saturday after lunch and he had come in specially to meet us. We toured the small Workshop and were pleasantly surprised by the detail and the in-house capacity they had that all the items were made in this location. We looked through some other vans under build, and some older vans outside that were back in for upgrades and Service. We were surprised by the Dirty Outside condition of a van and its pristine inside condition, that proved they are Dust Proof.

l asked loads of questions, Stephen also knew our history with Dust and the other vans, so he was patient and answered our apprehensive questions comprehensively, impartially and very honestly.

We sat down and went through colours and layout options, inclusions, upgrades and pricing. Dee-Ann and I were quite emotional to think what if we had found these guys first, how easier would our life of been, and not to mention our last trip, and not forgetting our wallets that had been emptied by bad decision after another.

We decided we would make an order, paid a deposit, we stayed with Stephen and done layouts, discussed expected weights to cater for our Landcruiser, colours inclusions and deletions. We left Spinifex about 4pm and knew we had finally done the right thing.

We were fitted into production and over the following 8 weeks we were contacted weekly with plan changes and layout changes. We flew up 2 weeks out from completion and looked at our van and discussed finer finish details etc, then after daily pictures of production were emailed. We were told a date for pickup and we arrived to see a perfectly finished van, detailed and hooked up to our tow car. We were shown through the whole van, even the rails and roll holders were put on in our presence to make sure we were happy with the locations.

We left Spinifex ater spending 6 hours at the factory on handover and tow car setup with an amazing van that was made to our layout, even the toilet was changed as we wanted, the colours were great, and the finish is 100% perfect. Once I got the van home, the van on airbag towed like new trailer ever has towed, I went over it in details with some friends and there was not 1 item that was not finished correctly, not 1 piece of silicone done in a hurry, and the fabric and leather works were masterful.

Dee-Ann and I want to thank Steve the Owner, Stephen, Dave the most amazing CAD Design guy and the Workshop Team at Spinifex Caravans for building us an amazing Caravan and giving us the service, that others can only wish to achieve. I am available to give a personal reference to any person considering whether to or not to buy a Spinifex Van.

Thank You Sincerely to the Team at Spinifex.

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