Spinifex EpiX Premier Review

Years ago Steve Thompson started a small Caravan Manufacturer in the north of Brisbane with a view to one day manufacturing the best Offroad RV in Australia. Well, he’s accomplished this in a major league way. Spinifex have just launched the EpiX Premier, which is their standard EpiX model (which was already jam packed full of incredible inclusions), just this one is fully loaded and bursting with all those amazing optional extras that you want to include but hold back on. This is the crème de la crème of Offroad RVs and it is a beauty.

“The EpiX premier has everything you’ll ever need for an epic offroad adventure” says Steve, “If you ask me which of our vans is my pick – its this one. This is the van I’d take offroad, this is the one that makes an offroad caravan trip more like a luxury home trip. It’s seriously loaded and this van makes me proud of our achievements over the years”

With a grin on his face and a glint in his eye Steve proudly shows me around the EpiX Premier. He tells me it’s the most well appointed RV they make, he’s not wrong, this van is well equipped and finished to perfection. The first thing I noticed was the quality of the finishes. Now I’ve looked in a number of Offroad RV over the years and this is what stood out. Nothing seemed flimsy or cheap looking, there were no half jobs done; I seriously couldn’t pick up on any faults. The appliances were top notch, the communication suite was extensive, and the presentation was flawless.

Then we had a wander around the outside and the quality tour continued. Telling me all about the 465litre water tank capacity, the Cruisemaster Air Bag Suspension and the 12” electrically activated hydraulic disc brakes, Steve was as excited about these features as the day he designed the van. I could see where the effort had been placed in the design and construction of this RV.

Its great to see someone so proud of what they have created and Steve and the Spinifex crew have certainly done this with the EpiX Premier.

They have a tag line – “When you’ve got a Spinifex, you’ll know” and do you know, I can see what they mean. If you are in the market for a truly unique and beautifully constructed RV then this is worth taking a gander at.

Find out more about the EpiX Premier here

Check out what years of experience, R & D and testing and trailing have culminated to create in this magnificent machine. The EpiX Premier is the top of the line RV for Spinifex; it’s truly a leader in its space.

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