Custom Caravan Services

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile


At Spinifex we want to help you to have a hassle free build experience and then after you and your van have left the factory floor, to have a hassle free off-road adventure in Australia, too. This is why we have a full service department. We are with you for the long haul, long after you drive out of the factory gate.

Custom-Built Caravans

Spinifex Caravans believes in every customer’s ability and desire to carve their own outdoor adventure. We always see to it that every caravan rolls out of facility mindfully designed, flawlessly built and comprehensively personalised. It is your caravan, after all, and no matter how simple or complex a customisation request may be, Spinifex Caravans will do its best to implement these requests in the most practical, innovative way possible.

You could choose a standard caravan and begin exploring with utmost confidence, but you could customise a caravan and begin exploring with utmost pride. Either way, Spinifex Caravans delivers.

producing a custom caravan


  • We are only at the other end of the phone if you have a question or problem

  • We have some useful videos available here for you to review if you get stuck

  • Always remember to watch your handover DVD, it will remind you what to do

  • If you ever need anything fixed call us first as it may be part of the extensive warranty we offer

  • We have a lot of standard parts in stock so its sometimes really easy to fix what is causing the problem

  • We have an incredible team here, so if you have a problem, just call us

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Highly Customisable

We will work with you to completely conceptualize, design and manufacture your customised caravan in Australia so you get the most amazing van you have ever dreamt of.


At Spinifex we offer a complete manufacturing warranty with our vans. This means that should anything go wrong for the first 12months everything is covered and then there after the warranty relates to various parts of the van. Click here for more details

Owners Group

This is something that we are really proud of, one of our past customers was so happy with our caravans that he decided to start an owners group so all the Spinifex owners could connect. Spinifex does not administer this and this makes it even better. Connect with other Spinifex owners here.

Easy To Work With

Our customers tell us that we are great to work with, our customer service is an important part of what we do and this comes back to us time and time again. We love being easy to work with and so we will continue to treat everyone as we like to be treated with respect and an open door.


We know that mechanical things sometimes have problems, but we do our utmost to fix absolutely every single problem we can for you. Our repair service is part of our promise to you that you are investing in the best off road RV on the market in Australia

Flexible Framework

It is a fact that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to manufacture a custom RV to the quality of the Spinifex range. The difference with us is that we have a well-managed manufacturing process that allows us to manufacture four RVs at a time and this speeds up our turnaround time substantially. Ask us how long it takes to get your RV out the factory door.


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