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“We had a glass door shatter on the oven (due to the metal baking tray being left in there) but after a call to your office it was dispatched and waiting for us at our next town. (Good on you Gloria!) On the rare occasion we had a problem Gloria sorted it out. We were well pleased with the after-sales service from your company.

Trevor and Tina Adams


At Spinifex Caravans we do our very best to ensure that you get the highest quality Off Road Caravan, however we know that sometimes things just wear out or break and we want you to know that in the case of a breakage or fault, we are here to repair it to ensure that your adventure continues. Refer to our Warranty page for details on what cover you have.

We the Selected Repairers for RACQ, CIL, Suncorp and Ken Tames, which means that we have been chosen as one of only a few caravan manufacturers who are trusted to repair your van to Australian Standards. If you ever get stuck in our territory you can bring your van to us and we will repair it for you under most of the major Insurance companies schemes.

Suncorp Insurance

SERVICE. We also offer a maintenance service on your Spinifex Caravan, which means that if you have just been on a big road trip, or are about to go off on the trip of a lifetime we will service your caravan to ensure that it is in tip top condition.  During this service we will  look at the externals and the internals and you can opt to have changes made at the same time if you feel like your van needs a refresh.

We pride ourselves in our after sales service and go to great lengths to keep you happy.

“We recently toured to the Tip of Cape York, through the Lakefield NP and out to Wiepa in our NomadiX. Oh the corrugations on that development road! The Spinifex performed brilliantly. No component failures. Sure we had some cosmetic issues for such a rough trip, for example some draw latches broke (probably due to our over-loading) and the microwave became loose. However Spinifex replaced the latches, gave us the upgrade draw fitment, upgraded the Microwave mounting system to their latest fitting procedure, plus more, all free of charge. Now that’s fantastic after-sales service.

Peter & Robyn Hepworth SPIN093- Wheelers Hill Vic.

With our repair and service department you can rest assured that you will be looked after both before, during and after your purchase of your Spinifex Caravan.

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