Epix Premier

The Epix Premier is everything it suggests – PREMIUM in every way; it is quality at every corner. From the comfort of the pillow top leather upholstery to the warmth of a diesel heater, there is not much more you could ask for in an Epix Premier. Full off-grid capability with loads of water and battery power, the Premier is a full custom design that does not skimp on any inclusions.

” Steve and Dave were very accommodating in all areas that we wanted to custom design. Every question answered with ease, nothing was to hard and they took our perspective into consideration which made the whole process so relaxing and enjoyable, I would highly recommend to anyone.”

– Diane G. – owns an Epix Premier since 2018

Chassis and Suspension

The full off-road chassis is made from hot-dip galvanised Australian steel, and complete with extended A-frame, inte­grated rear bar and twin spare wheel holders. Manufactured in house by Spinifex, CAD designed and constructed on a JIG ensures strength and accuracy.

The A-frame is equipped with a storage box to increase your storage capacity, and sitting on top of the chassis is a fully insulated one-piece fibreglass composite floor for comfort and strength.

All this is supported by Cruisemater’s XT ALL Terrain Airbag level 4 suspension package to give you the maximum protec­tion.Stopping is not a problem with the ventilated 12” electric/ hydraulic disc brakes and Deemax callipers.


The Epix Premier comes equipped with 400 amp/hrs of 12v Lithium power, 700W of solar, Victron 3000VA inverter/120amp charger, Cerbo GX with touch screen – this allows in van and remote access, for monitoring your in and out power usage, tanks and more. It also includes Telstra hub for remote back up support.


The exterior is built with the most robust materials to ensure the Epix will protect your precious cargo wherever you want to take it. Full interlocking aluminium wall and roof frames, fully insulated topped with one-piece fibreglass reinforced external panels, as well as tough aluminium armour on the lower section.

The Epix Premier not only gives you the ultimate protection from the elements while off-roading, but it was also designed to deliver a sleek and stylish presence on the road.


The Epix Premier is like no other off-road caravan because each Spinifex interior is a handcrafted work of art. You will feel the comfort from the pillow top 100% genuine leather upholstery and the luxurious bamboo pocket spring mattress, as well as the warmth of the diesel heater.

Besides that, it ncludes our usual features – heavy-duty vinyl flooring, high-grade soft close draws and doors and a full range of colours and finishes available throughout the interior. You can make the Premier your custom five-star home away from home.


The Epix Premier includes all the conveniences from home, and you won`t even know you are camping. You will find quality LED lighting throughout the van, paired with multiple USB and power points, wireless phone chargers beside the bed, a fan-forced oven and a 20L microwave are also standard.

The Truma Adventa Comfort Plus air-conditioning and Sirocco fans will keep you cool while you are relaxing watching your 32” Smart TV linked to the Oyster V Satellite system. Or maybe just kicking back to the tunes on the Fusion Apollo Stereo with dual-zone sound control.

When you need to get in touch with someone back at home you have your Celfi-go phone booster for when your signal is low. The Premier has everything covered!


With no less than 415 litres of shower/vanity water, 83 litres of separate filtered drinking water and an 83 litres grey catchment tank, which makes the Premier our best off-road caravan if you want to go off-grid and stay there for longer.

This off-road caravan is also equipped with a Truma Aquago Plus instant hot water so you can have that long shower if you so desire, then toss the dirty clothes straight into your, 4kg front load washing machine.
This model carries a range of quality taps and fittings available throughout, including outside shower and tap on the A-frame.

Measurements and Weights

For the past 13 years of building caravans, we haven’t made two of the same Epix Premier. The reason for that is that each Epix Premier is genuinely unique, and it comes in unlimited layouts as we design and build each caravan to suit individual customer’s needs.
Different layouts and optional extras influence the final tare and payload weights. If you would like to have an estimate, please get in touch with us and speak to our specialists about your dream van.
Alternatively, explore our most recent builds gallery to find out the exact weights and measurements of the latest caravans we have manufactured:

Custom Layouts

The Epix is part of our custom-built range of caravans. That means when you choose a Epix, you will actively participate in the design process alongside our team of experienced professionals to guide you through it. Each one of our custom-builds is genuinely unique because we start the process with a blank canvas for you to design the perfect layout for you and your family. That means we have unlimited floorplans available, but we’ve got a few ideas to get you started and give you something to start building.

Below you see some of the most popular layouts we built over the years. However, if you want a different floorplan, or you want one of our standard layouts, but on a different size than what is presented here, this shouldn’t be a problem! Feel free to contact our specialists and verify if we can fit what you want in the caravan size you can tow.

At Spinifex, the floor is yours!

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