At Spinifex we use only the very best quality products in our caravans.


DOORS – This is why you will find that our doors are completely wrapped using EGR.

BENCHTOPS – Our benchtops are all genuine Laminex board.

FABRIC – The Fabrics we use for curtains and cushions come from:

  • Warwick
  • Maurice Kain
  • Nettex
  • Wortley
  • Simonson

UPHOLSTERY – We only upholster our dining suites in Wortley Leather because it is the absolute best quality. The leather actually gets delivered as a hide and so we have skilled upholsterers on staff to ensure you get the best job done. We have never had to re upholster a van since we have been using this product.

We supply each customer with a Leather Care Kit and a Window Scratch repair kit with each new van sold. These are also available to purchase if you need them a few years down the track.

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