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    1H3C0693Rated at 2600 kg ATM, Any 4wd will tow the Atomix. Tare weight is 1800kg to 2000kg, which will give you a payload of 600kg.

    Your vehicle towing capacity: 4WD with ability to tow 2600kg

    The AtomiX is our lightest RV, NomadiX is next in line which would need a vehicle like a Land Cruiser / Patrol / Ford Ranger – 4WD that can tow 3500kg.

    Our top of the line van the EpiX is definitely the heaviest but has the most inclusions and has more space, so the build warrants the extra load requirement. The EpiX weighs in at ATM 3500kg to 4400kg, so the vehicle you would need to tow it would be something like a Land cruiser/patrol or any American made truck. Tare weights are usually around 2800kg to 3000kg.

    Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 9.33.19 amWhen we say customised we mean it.

    You can change the floorplan, the layout, the, what type of oven you have, whether you have an external shower or not, you can choose all of the laminex side board finishes, the colour and material on your kitchen cupboards, what tapware you want and if you want a place to keep your pet bird, well, we’ll build you a little space for tweety pie too.

    FOTO8664At Spinifex Caravans we are efficient. We can build up to 4 RV’s at a time and we do that every month.

    Once your order is confirmed (and lets be realistic that could take a few weeks to get all of your dreams in place), we place the orders with our suppliers.

    From that point we have a 5 week wait to get all of the inclusions into the warehouse. Then the build is confirmed and finalised. Then and only then will the building begin.

    So we like to say that in 3 months you will have the RV of your dreams. We know that in our Industry this is a pretty good turnaround time. We are proud of what we deliver and the quality and are happy with the way our team works efficiently and leanly to deliver your dream van.

    Most asked questions from a sales point of view

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      Depends on model and size
      Fully insulated in all cavities
      Yes, There is a wide range of colours to choose from
      Air bags are the next step up, the air bag system not only improves the ride control, it is a fully automatic system that controls height and takes away the problems to find a flat site to camp.
      All Australian steal
      Nomadix will always be lighter compared to his big brother the Epix. The Epix comes with a lot more standard inclusions. The Epix will always be heavier due to the external measurement is always 2 foot larger than the internal size, the nomadix is the same internal and external measurement. (The easiest way to tell the difference is the nomadix doesn’t have the front storage boots.)
      Depends on our production Schedule, usually 3 to month wait time
      fibreglass is- Hail proof-Scratch resistant-Easy to keep clean due to the smooth sides-A better insulator-Down sides are it’s a heaver material and will add to the overall weight.
      Yes, apart from our chassis, which are built in a separate shed
      3 year manufacturing warranty, Australia Wide
      Yes it is better to make an appointment due to our busy schedule
      No we quite often help customers choose colours over the phone or by email
      Yes we will always make suggestions to get the most of your caravan, but will never take away the chance of the customer designing their caravan.
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