Eric and Sheryl Horan “Spin. 167”

After quite some time inspecting and researching all the “Off Road Caravans” at the caravan shows in Queensland, we were always drawn back to the Spinifex display. The staff were most helpful and not pushy, we really wanted an off road caravan built and finished the way we wanted, both externally and internally. We chose Spinifex over well known off-road caravan manufacturers. We did a factory tour and we were impressed with what we saw. We then went through the process of getting a quote and also getting an understanding of why the team at Spinifex build their vans the way they do. We had all our “wish list” covered off during the quote process and we purchased our Spinifex #167 in October 2014.

Our first trip was the “Big Lap” fishing extensively in Western from February until October in 2015. We had all sorts of road conditions handed to us including countless gravel roads and sandy tracks. We visited various properties and stations that allowed access to fishing areas and we then travelled The Gibb River Road, Kalumbaru Road and also into Telegraph Pool. We have completed a freshwater fishing holiday that took us to most impoundments dams in Queensland and some of the tracks were challenging.

After sales customer service is always a concern when you can be thousands of Kilometres away from the factory. We had a couple of issues that had to be repaired and I rang Dion and Gloria at Spinifex and all the issues were rectified without any hesitation at NO cost to us. We then received a follow up call to ensure all the repairs were completed and we were back on the road which is very assuring, thanks guys.
We have been back to the factory to have modifications performed and it is awesome how they treat you – just like a big family !!

We are extremely happy with our caravan and believe that Spinifex offers an exceptional product at an affordable price. Steve the owner, Dion the General manager, Gloria in the office and Mathais in the design area and all the factory staff are exceptional to deal with. This exceptional customer service is what makes the Spinifex team so great to deal with.

Thanks to the Spinifex Team for an outstanding caravan experience.

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