Customisation of Your Off Road RV is What We Do Best

customising an RV

Customised Off Road RV

It is our mission to deliver you the RV of your dreams, customised to your specification

At Spinifex Caravans we make is our policy to listen to you, we work with you to design your caravan and we do our best to include all of your desires in your final product.
Its something we have been doing for years, and our customers rave about it. Our passion is building you a caravan so your adventures are incredible.
Previous customers have asked us to add things like a custom blown glass bowl in the bathroom, changing the living area to include two comfy seats instead of the standard lounge setting or allowing space on the hitch to trail a boat.

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There is a lot said these days about custom building. While some manufacturers claim to custom build by simply allowing buyers to choose little more than curtain colours and the stain of the furniture, Spinifex vans are the real deal. The buyers of our review van had decided on every aspect of their caravan, from the suspension type to every minute detail of the internal layout.

Caravan World Review, May 2011

So what are you looking for in a caravan, what inclusions are important to you?
Would you like a heat lamp in the bathroom, space for your fishing rods, customised suspension, different bed layout, bigger cupboard space? whatever it is we can likely accommodate it. Just ask us.
If you want to work with a caravan manufacturer that truly listens, then connect with us, come visit us for a factory tour and find out why Spinifex Caravans are the leading manufacturer of Off Road Caravans in Australia today.

From the very start, our journey from design to build, was met with enthusiasm and a ‘can do’ approach, which we hadn’t received from any of the other off-road caravan manufacturers.

Liz & Paul Tomlin
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