Years ago Steve Thompson started a small Caravan Manufacturer in the north of Brisbane with a view to one day manufacturing the best Offroad RV in Australia. Well, he’s accomplished this in a major league way. Spinifex have just launched the EpiX Premier, which is their standard EpiX model (which was already jam packed full of incredible inclusions), just this one is fully loaded and bursting with all those amazing optional extras that you want to include but hold back on. This is the crème de la crème of Offroad RVs and it is a beauty.

“The EpiX premier has everything you’ll ever need for an epic offroad adventure” says Steve, “If you ask me which of our vans is my pick – its this one. This is the van I’d take offroad, this is the one that makes an offroad caravan trip more like a luxury home trip. It’s seriously loaded and this van [...]

Anyone in the Boating, Camping and Fishing World will most likely be familiar with the name Steve Doyle. Steve was the founding General Manager of the Retail Store Chain BCF in 2005. Steve’s journey involved the initial research and development of the business model for the BCF stores, the creation of the business and launch, through to numerous acquisitions and the ongoing evolution of the business to employ over 2500 team members and turnover in excess of $550 million. So I think it is safe to say not only is Steve a successful business man, he also knows his stuff when it comes to Boating, Camping and Fishing. Steve is also a well-known in the fishing industry as a fisherman and has recently launched his fishing website The Nomadic Fisherman sums up all that Steve loves about Fishing, it’s his passion.

Spinifex -The Importance of Power Safety

What makes a Spinifex Caravan so different from all the other caravans on the market today?
Superior customer service clearly sets Spinifex apart from the rest, and the customisation available from Spinifex ensures every customer gets exactly what they want. However, there is something else you will get from a Spinifex van you are unlikely to find as standard anywhere else, and it is all about safety! Spinifex place safety as the highest importance on every van they manufacture and that is why on every Spinifex van you will find the RCD DUO as standard.

Custom-designed. custom-made. Quality hand-crafted. True off-road capability and durability. With every luxury under the sun! At Spinifex our customers requirements are important to us – we pride ourselves on our exceptional before and after sales service as well as our quality workmanship.

We say ‘yes’ more often because we’re here to make your dream adventure a reality and your adventure reality a dream – that’s the Spinifex difference.

A Spinifex RV is a van like no other—it excels at providing the best of both worlds. Outside it’s got the tough, off-road exterior that can get you to some of the most remote and majestic settings this country has to offer; and inside it’s like your own five-star home-away-from-home.

Each Spinifex interior is a handcrafted work of art. Classic or modern interiors are just the start. There’s genuine, hand-stitched leather upholstery, premium stainless steel appliances, elegant décor and bathroom fittings, and a whole raft of modern [...]

No one wants to see their beloved caravan rotting, but it happens. You know over the years we have seen some fairly horrible and eaten away caravan frameworks due to water getting into the frame and it swelling and rotting. Not only does it smell, it affects the structure and rigidity of the caravan.

This is the main reason that at Spinifex we choose to manufacture all of our Off Road RV’s with an aluminium frame instead of timber.

We strive to ensure that we use the latest technology and the very best quality materials to manufacture your caravan because we know you want it to stand the test of time and take a beating on all those awesome off road tracks you will drive down. Our vans are totally self sustainable and that means that they have to be able to go literally anywhere. Ask any one of our customers to see if our [...]

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