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It was exactly 468 steps up a gentle slope towards the primary school gates. I would attempt to kick a small stone the entire way, trying not to get my ‘Grosby’ black school shoes too dirty from the dusty, gravel roadside. On winter mornings I would rush out to the lounge room where my mum had laid my winter school uniform in front of the gas heater to get warm. I’d sit at the breakfast bench eating my rolled oats with brown sugar next to my brother and sister who were sitting there in stunned teenage silence.
I had a best friend who lived on a farm, a piano teacher that lived 5 blocks away and parents who would give me a decent amount of freedom, so long as my yellow BMX and I were home before the street lights shone their light on proud homes with white picket fences.
My second [...]

Bush Camping

A different kind of Paradise
I look out towards the 20 metre expanse that distances me from the riverbank on the other side of the Murray River. It is not as beautiful as I’d imagined. The water is a murky brown and the surface below triggers squeals of emotions as my kids (usually) steady feet give way to a muddy, quicksand like substance which have them scrambling for some kind of sure-footed security.

For those of you who haven’t stumbled upon this blog before, here’s a little recap of who we are and where we find ourselves as we enter into our 3rd month of travelling around Australia.
Who we are:
Jen (M45) – That’s me. ‘M’ stands for ‘Mum” and “45” is my age. Not quite ready for grey nomad status yet, but still young enough to jump off rope swings into the river.
Chris (D43) – That’s Chris. ‘D’ stands for ‘Dad’ AKA “The Big Fella”. He’s 43 years young, with grey hairs that somehow compliment his olive complexion. Lucky for me, he’s a definite keeper.
Jules (J11) – That’s our son. He’s blonde, blue eyed, loves to dance and is heading off to high school next year.
Josie (J9) – Our Daughter, who has an amazing ability to make people laugh. She’s smart, witty and cooks a pretty mean meatball [...]

Full gym attire – tick; High heel shoes – tick; Super-sized shampoo and conditioner- tick; Hairdryer and Straightener –tick; Runners (trail and road) – tick; 4 pairs of swimmers – tick; Sandals, thongs, wedges, sarongs, leather jacket, cardigan, water bottles – the list goes on and on. “You’re not taking all that are you?” utters C43 (AKA my husband Chris) as his knees strain to lift the oversized purple luggage into the boot of our 2010 Nissan Patrol with 5 inch lift kit. “Sure am”, I casually refute with just a miniscule amount of wifely guilt.

‘Tis the Season to Begin Adventures – In our “Spinifex” Caravan

"Deck the halls it's time for camping - fa la la la la la la la la. ''Tis the season to try glamping - fa la la la la la la la la" 
I can't remember a time where Santa didn't visit us whilst being in the great outdoors. Christmas has always been a time where we say goodbye to our little suburban street and head to a coastal camping ground usually located along the pristine coastline of northern NSW. Memories of big green canvas tents and old vintage fibreglass caravans perched neatly under paperbark trees riddled with screeching cicadas have made way for camper trailers, pop tops, RV's and modern steel framed off-road contraptions that house everything including showers, toilets, washing machines and even pretty amazing kitchen sinks with state of the art water filtration systems. Wow, times have really changed. You only have to venture through the compounds of any caravan park in Australia to see how camping has become more accessible for any age group, young, old, tall, short, big or small
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