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Find out what makes Spinifex so different in the Offroad Rv Market in Australia


At Spinifex we want what you want. It sounds like a cliché, but when we started our business back in 2007 we had one goal – to deliver luxury off road RV’s to customers who have worked hard all their lives and literally want and deserve the best. We strive for perfection, we say yes to your ideas and requests for extra inclusions because we customise everything.

about-usBack in 2007 it all started off quite small and we would produce maybe 10 vans a year, we’ve grown since then and now we can manufacture 4 vans at a time every month. We are growing still and soon we will have the capacity to increase to 6 vans a month. Every van we manufacture makes us a little bit better, so our R & D is huge.  We are always learning about better ways to do things and are constantly developing new products to add to our list of optional extras, these ideas come from our customers as we have such a good relationship with them. Our customers tell us what they want, so we make it happen and then make those products available for everyone to enjoy. It’s always been this way and it makes what we do so much more exciting.

When a customer comes to us, we really like to take them on a tour of our factory floor, just so they can see what it is that we do and how their caravan will be manufactured and by whom. We are proud of what we have built and we will continue to grow.

Spinifex has a great reputation in the market not only as leaders in the off road field but also as leaders in our customer service. Why not have a look at what some of our happy customers have to say and see if you want to join the Spinifex family…


Deliver the highest quality RV’s
Customise your van to suit you
Efficiently build to meet deadlines
Give great customer service with a smile
Offer a warranty and repair service for all
Make sure that you are happy
Encourage you to be a part of the process
Communicate with you through the build process


  • We listen
  • We keep you informed throughout the build process
  • We deliver what you want
  • We customise everything to suit you not us
  • The products we use are of the highest available quality
  • The external structure is manufactured to withstand the harshest Aussie elements
  • Our RV’s can go anywhere
  • We have a great warranty and repair service


  • Our recommendation is; ‘that if you want a wonderful whole life of ownership experience, then you can’t go past Spinifex’Spinifex’ Peter & Robyn Hepworth SPIN093- Wheelers Hill Vic.
  • There is a lot said these days about custom building. While some manufacturers claim to custom build by simply allowing buyers to choose little more than curtain colours and the stain of the furniture, Spinifex vans are the real deal. The buyers of our review van had decided on every aspect of their caravan, from the suspension type to every minute detail of the internal layout.Caravan World Review, May 2011
  • The Spinifex Nomadix we purchased in 2012 was customised to our requirements, is spacious, airy and is our “home away from home”, with all the comforts of home – plus more!Marg & Bob Ryan


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